Hire us for commercial pest control in Lubbock, TX

Stay One Step Ahead of Sneaky Pests

When every little detail matters for your business, a pest invasion can be disastrous for your image. That’s not to mention the potential fines from failed health inspections. Make sure your restaurant or office building in Lubbock, TX is free of bugs. Call on Ninja Pest Control for top-tier commercial pest control.

We will treat the interior and exterior of your building for:





…and any other pest we may find!

The last place you need an infestation is at your place of work. Make sure it’s business as usual with our commercial pest control services. We will come to your restaurant, daycare center, school or warehouse to spray for pests.

Call today to learn more about our affordable rates.

Keep termites away

Once termites start to nest in your walls, your entire building may be at risk. Termites can feed off of wood beams and support structures at an alarming speed. You can partner with us to receive professional termite treatment that will stop them in their tracks.

Our main goal is your safety. Our experienced crew will inspect your entire work site for signs of termites. Then, we can provide a targeted termite treatment to keep them away for good.

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